A fan rendition of a wraith.

Wraiths are a type of spiritual creature that are native to Angvard's realm, and are considered corrupted souls. Wraiths are known to commonly serve the servants of Angvard, such as in the case of the spirits. A rarer, less common form of this is dark magicians controlling a wandering spirit and twisting it through so much torture.


Wraiths are known to be nothing but the purest of evil. However this is not nessecarily true for ALL wraiths. Some are known to be neutral and will only serve either good or evil if one side benefits their cause. However, like a Shade, no wraith is ever completely good, and some could be double-agents. Unlike the undead, wraiths are different because they are incorpreal, meaning they do not have physical bodies.


Wraiths, when created in Angvard's realm, usually are empowered with corrupted elements from the realm, such as Saibor having the power of shadows and darkness, and Ynkrahoan having hellfire. Also, due to the fact that wraiths are souls that have been corrupted through heavy amounts of dark magic, they have the ability to control and use dark magic beyond even any Shade. However, their elemetal powers and dark magic are the only forms of magic they can control.


  • Saibor(formerly Roran)
  • Ynkrahoan