A Krhn-ylkhl is a creature of which first appeared in Countdown To Extinction. They are described as looking like very large, black, and bird-like creatures. They first appeared near the end of Chapter 3 of Countdown To Extinction, but they are not named then and are only briefly mentioned. Their first full appearence was in Chapter 4 of Countdown To Extinction, where they are used to drop boulders on the soldiers of Angvard. Angela mentions them near the beginning of Chapter 4, where she states they were given to the rebels by the Priests of Helgrind when the Priests were fleeing from the Army of Angvard. They are mentioned to have been bred in an, as of yet, unknown way by the Priests. This breeding way is supposedly very odd, as Angela states that they are at least sixty percent artificial, and their minds are also supposedly bizarre, as it is stated than an elven warrior attempted to enter their minds, and he "instantly fell retching onto the floor". The Rebellion's codename for the Krhn-ylkhl is "dragon birds".


Chapter 3 of Countdown To Extinction

Chapter 4 of Countdown To Extinction

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Lethrblaka inheritance cycle by moehawk37-d4ql02f

A fan representation of a Krhn-ylkhl.